"To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.." -HENRI BERGSON

With the vision of giving the students an apt platform to show up the maturity of their ideas, inculcate in them the technical approach along with the sports quotient, so that they turn into a complete student package, SAMAVESH 2013 was organized.

Running down the memory lane, Spandan 2010 featured  "EUPHORIA", Spandan 2011 featured the very famous 'Dr. Kumar Vishwas', and the Spandan 2012 featured the famous Pakistani band 'Raeth'. Dr. K.N. Modi foundation has always come up with flying colours in terms of organizing fests in addition to its prime focus on academics. But this year, the management decided to go off the league instead of following the continuing trend and do something innovative. This, thereby gave birth to the first ever TECHNO SPORTS FEST---SAMAVESH 2013.

Everyone was amazed as the students came up with fabulous talents in both technical as well as sports events. Innovations, technical abilities, mind perceptions, intelligence, sports skills and much more were exposed by the students of foundation.