1st week of March is always celebrated as Spandan week by the students of Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation. Spandan is the best opportunity for students to show their talents and to have interaction with other college students. Various colleges like SRM University, R.K.G.I.E.T and other neighboring college students also participated in it. Volunteers organized various activities, games and competitions. They also handled various uncontrollable situations very tactfully. Reth band was invited for the last night of Spandan-2012. Singer and the other band artists created a musical environment in the campus.

Prof. S.P. Kak (Vice-Chancellor Maha Maya Technical University) was invited to distribute awards and certificates to meritorious students and the students who won in the competitions organized during Spandan. Overall Spandan-2012 was one of the best feasts organized in the history of Dr. K.N. Modi Foundation.