Department of Biotechnology, Dr. KNMIPER has conducted a three Days Hands on Training workshop on “PCR APPROACHES IN MOLECULAR BIOLOGY” from 03/03/2021 to 05/03/2022.. The workshop was conducted at Department of Biotechnology in collaboration with Pioneer Centre of Biosciences, Delhi for B. Sc. Biotechnology students.

The workshop was conducted under the supervision of Prof.Vijay Kumar Sharma,Director,Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma, Head, and faculty members of Biotech Department.

The programme was inaugurated in the august presence of respected Prof. Vijay Kumar Sharma, Director, Dr KNMIPER,Mr. Amit Kumar Sharma, HOD, Department of Biotechnology and Dr.Manish Sharma,Director,Pioneer Centre of Biosciences.

The goal of this workshop was to introduce students to rational use of molecular biology techniques and bioinformatics tools with an emphasis on its applications in diagnosis and research. During this workshop, students learnt basic principles used in analysis of genes and molecular basis of various diseases.

The students learnt the techniques of bacterial cell culture, extraction of DNA from whole blood sample and bacteria. After the isolation of DNA,students prepared agarose gel for qualitative analysis of DNA.Isolataed DNA was then amplified through PCR(Polymerase Chain Reaction).Participants also learnt the Primer designing through bioinformatics tools.

At the end of the workshop, a quiz was conducted in which Shreya Kaushik,student of B.Sc Biotechnology III Year was awarded the Best Researcher Award by Prof.Vijay Kumar Sharma,Director,Dr.KNMIPER, Mr.Amit Kumar Sharma,HOD,Biotechnology and Director,Pioneer Centre odf Biosciences.Certificates were diostributed to  all the participants and Faculty Coordinatotrs.

The feedback of the participants was tremendous and they appreciated rthe usefulness of the workshop for developing research acumen which may lead the path of success for the students.Some participants also requested to conduct few more workshops on related topics in future also.

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