Bsc Biotech

Duration : 3 Year
Eligibility : 12th
Course Fee : 106500
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BSc. Biotech

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Bio-Technology department over the years has established its good reputation. It offers bio-technology education to under graduate and also provides consultancy & testing to industries located in western U.P. Department is committed to provide an integrated learning environment to enable students to grow towards their full potential and high expectations of industries and society.

The VISION of the department is to provide high quality technical education and to develop overall personality of student to fulfill the expectations of industry & society. The department has shown positive growth over the years in curricular, co-curricular & extracurricular activities.

Quality Objectives

  • Emphasis on value added education
  • Ensure high quality output of student in every aspects of life
  • Continuous quality improvement of our faculty & staff for the organizational development
  • Up-gradation of labs
  • To evolve and implement management and administration mechanism that is responsive, reliable, and efficient
  • Five goals planned to be achieved during the next four to five years by our department and steps initiated in this direction

In Tune with the vision to achieve the excellence in the field of education in India, our goals are Long Term Goals

  • To lay maximum emphasis on practical knowledge and achieve this by providing excellent laboratories
  • Keep faculty members in touch with the latest technological developments by providing them opportunities to improve their knowledge so that they can impart quality education
  • Establishment of a good reputation with industries so that the needs of the industry are fulfilled by providing skilled as well as highly knowledgeable engineers
  • To provide a creative enviourment so that students can develop their all round personality
  • To lay emphasis on learning thoroughly the basic fundamentals of each subjects, so that students can gain confidence in tackling complicated real time engineering problems

Short Term Goals

  • Create in students a thirst/awareness for latest technological developments by arranging lectures of eminent experts
  • Arranging students visit to various industries
  • To provide quality teachers
  • To provide a good departmental library
  • To provide a good internet connectivity

Principal Strengths of the Department

  • Qualified and committed faculty with positive attitude
  • Excellent performance of students in university exams
  • Well placed and supportive alumini in India
  • Vast land recourses-good scope for academic development and expansion
  • Good electrical machine labs
  • Good facilities for sports, games and extra-curricular activities

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Our Vision

To elevate the Dr.KNMIPER to become a preferred destination not only in the state of Uttar Pradesh but also in whole of India and finally globally for high quality and value based technical education. Where it will be part of education to foster in students the ability to apply what they learn, believe in the lifelong learning and dedicate themselves to work for the common good.

Our Mission

We strive to bestow our students with scholastic attitude, spirit of scientific enquiry, personal & professional integrity, knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, passion for the service of the mankind through competent faculty, adequate infrastructure conducive academic environment for achieving & sustaining excellence in pharmaceutical & allied areas, meaningful interaction with industry and all-round progress of our nation

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